Yolanda C. Lin

Yolanda C. Lin

Yolanda is currently an Assistant Professor in the department of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of New Mexico, and was a Research Fellow in DASL from 2018-2020. Her research focuses on low-probability, high-impact, data-sparse events at the intersection of natural hazards, the built environment, and society. Previously, Yolanda has worked on a diverse applications including seakeeping stability dynamics for naval ships, earthquake engineering, and biofuel supply chain modelling. She holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from Cornell University and an MS from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Projects and more


A collaborative and constructive virtual workshop to learn from each other, create disaster data art, and co-create criteria for visualizing risk data (July 20-August 7, 2020)

Advancing Consequence-Driven Risk Analysis

Developing a risk framework that is specifically designed to identify events with the potential for disproportionate catastrophic consequences

Counterfactual Black Swans Workshop

Hosting an interactive 2-day workshop to develop tools and ideas around counterfactual thinking in risk analysis August 2019

Natural Hazards Workshop and Researchers Meeting

Convening a session on Transdisciplinary Data Convergence in the Asia Pacific Region July 2019

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