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110 years ago today: the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

110 years ago today (April 18th 1906), the San Francisco Bay Area shook violently from the magnitude 7.8 rupture of the San Andreas fault. The shaking destroyed many buildings and sparked a fire that would sweep through and burn down most of the city. The earthquake and three days of fires caused an estimated 3,000…
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Storyboarding my Research on Urban Disaster Risk

I’m passionate about my work and therefore enjoy sharing it with others. So I wanted to explore how I could communicate it differently, and in the most concise and effective way possible. The overall problem that my research tackles— urban disaster risk —is a complex one and so my research mirrors that complexity. So I…
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On the “Top 10 Riskiest Cities” and Getting Mauled by Bears

This post was originally published by David Lallemant on ResilientUrbanism.org in April 2014. The original post can be found here. In late March the large re-insurer Swiss-Re published a report ranking the world’s 616 largest urban centers according to risk from natural hazards. The report conveniently summarizes the findings in a “Top-10” ranking, filling our insatiable desire for…
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